If you would like to join our team of volunteers for one of our events, please e-mail us at eventinfo@activesuncoast.org with the "Volunteer" in the subject line.

Thinking about running or walking your first 5K? Want to learn how to improve your diet?  Need help finding training groups or local resources?  Let the team at Active Suncoast help.

The Active Suncoast Foundation would like to help you "Get Active."  Email us with "I want to Get Active" in the subject line and let us know we can help you Get Active on the Suncoast.

The Active Suncoast Foundation is pleased to be able to support local events and programs promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.  We thank the participants and sponsors of our fund-raising events for helping us to raise more than $65,000 that stays in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Active Suncoast Foundation 

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Upcoming Events - 

                                      The Frosty 5K on 12/16/23 at Twin Lakes Park, Sarasota, FL 

The Active Suncoast Foundation is a Florida not-for-profit, community-focused organization whose mission is to promote, educate, and foster active, healthy lifestyles and communities.  These activities are designed to encourage physical activity, physical fitness, and healthy diet in the lives of individuals living in the Suncoast Region of Florida and will result in a reduction in various diseases and poor health conditions medically proven by being overweight and leading sedentary lives.

Want to become fitter and get more active?